Date : 19-06-2024 12:35
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What is MubasherSMS?
MubasherSMS is a Service that allows you to send any number of SMS to single or multiple recipients at once, giving you the ability to use your current databases to minimize data entry and providing you with additional services such as mass e-mail marketing and an Online product magazine application.

How much will I pay?
Your payment is inversely proportional to the number of SMS that you will purchase at any one time; meaning that the more messages you purchase the better rates you get and we can assure you that we provide the best rates for Egypt and the Middle East at any purchase level; for detailed prices you can check our price list.

For how long will I have my messages Credit?
Your message credit has no expiration date, and note that we are the only company in Egypt that currently provides this option.

How can I start?
You can start directly by clicking the free registration link on the main page to create your trial account; you will receive three messages as credit to make sure of the quality the service.

How can I pay?
You can pay by any of the following methods; a wire bank transfer, cash at the company’s Headquarters, requesting a collector to collect from your home (this service will charge only an extra 15 L.E. per visit provided that the client is in the greater Cairo area); a cashier’s check (for existing clients only)

Can I use my existing client databases containing their phone numbers and e-mails?
Yes, if they are in excel or outlook formats.

Who will my clients see as the SMS sender?
We offer you dynamic ID sender which means that you can make the sender to be any number or name up to 11 characters.

How many letters will my SMS be?
You can send up to 160 character in any single SMS in English, or 70 in Unicode(Arabic) and note that if you exceed those numbers per message you will be billed accordingly.

Can I schedule my SMS to be sent to specific groups of people in specific times?
Yes you can using the tool that we will provide you.

Wap Push
Using Wap Push You Can Upload (PDF, Jpg, GIF, Doc,… etc) Files , Catalogs For your products or any Service available on fun corner to send them to Your Contacts in SMS.
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Product Catalogue
You can choose Catalog which fits your Logo and Products among a wide range of ready-made catalogs on our site to send to your customers catalog with your new products in SMS.
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Bulk SMS
MUBASHER Bulk SMS - send single or bulk SMS from the Web with internet-based text messaging solution
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Scheduled SMS
You can rely on this service to send automatic SMS in date and time you specified to Congratulate for public and private events or reminder your customers the dates of their premiums.
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