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Bulk SMS

MUBASHER Bulk SMS - send single or bulk SMS from the Web with internet-based text messaging solution
Bulk SMS is a feature that allows you to send a large number of SMS to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people at the same time, you create groups of contacts of up to fifteen thousand contacts per group and reach massive numbers of people at the same time with a cost effective way that insures the delivery of your Messages to your targeted audience, (note that the 15000 contact limit applies only per group and that you can send to any number of groups you want at once, effectively removing the limit of any number of messages that you want to send at a single time)


MUBASHER Bulk SMS Sender is the sms sending service allowing for short text messages to be sent right from web browser on your computer to cell phones world wide.

 MUBASHER Bulk SMS is a leading provider of bulk SMS messaging service with reliable coverage. Our Bulk SMS Sender is the best tool for the most fast, secure reliable communication with company staff and clients. Bulk Text (SMS) messaging is an ideal instant broadcasting technology saving your time and money.
Whether you want to inform a single or 50,000 persons you should simply select the recipient or a group, type a short message on your computer, click SEND and your message will be sent immediately.
MUBASHER Bulk SMS will allow you to upload your contacts database (e.g. exported from Excel) into groups. Names, groups and mobile numbers can be easily managed through an intuitive web-based interface with functionality in mind. Each message sent from MUBASHER Bulk SMS Control panel can be tailored to include the name of the sender, "SMS from" field can be set as the name of your company or as a telephone number.

Bulk SMS is perfect for:


  • business wanting to communicate or market to your customers;
  • organization wanting to send group messages such as event notifications, promotions or bulk text alerts;
  • individual looking to send a quick group text messages to all your friends.

What type of text can I send?

You can send text message in GSM alphabet (e.g. Latin, punctuation symbols etc.) or Arabic alphabet.
The messages are limited by size: 1 text messages is limited to 160 GSM characters or 70 Unicode characters (including space)
Long text messages must be broken into smaller parts, the character limit for each segment of a multi-part text message is lower than that of a single-part text message and will be 153 GSM or 67 Unicode characters. Such multi-part text message will be still shown to your recipient as a single message.
Sender ID ("SMS from" field) can be 11 letters or 14 numbers in Unicode.
Do not worry about how to count the number of characters in your massage, we will provide you with SMS Counter displaying information about the total length of your message.


SMS sending speed

An average speed of sending is 50 SMS / 1 sec or about 3000 SMS per minute.




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Bulk SMS
MUBASHER Bulk SMS - send single or bulk SMS from the Web with internet-based text messaging solution
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