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SMS features:

  • SMS Message Sending to multiple receivers.
  • MS Message Sending at a specific date and time.
  • Periodic SMS Message Sending (every day, week, month, every fifth day of the month etc.).
  • SMS Message Sending to more than 320 Mobile Telecommunication companies.
  • Sending of great numbers of SMS messages (for big clients).
  • Ability to change the sender of the SMS messages with your trademark, the name of your company or your number .
  • Multiple routing of SMS messages (Multi Gateway Infrastructure).
  • Operational phone book with directories and subdirectories for storing your mobile numbers.
  • Full history of SMS messages that have been sent and very operational administration Menu.
  • You have the power to specify what the receiver will think the message is from. You can put ANY mobile number or alphanumeric character in the "From" field when sending a message.
  • Our messages work for almost every mobile phone provider in the world and can be received by any phone which is capable of receiving SMS messages.
  • You can send to multiple recipients by separating them with commas (,) or spaces.
  • Use our powerful address book and favorites list to send messages to your friends and family.
  • Modern user friendly interface.
  • Convenient integration of existing contact databases (import from CSV/Text or Excel files).
  • Complete customization and personalization for Bulk Messaging (Batch) or Single Messaging.
  • Text SMS (up to 160 characters).
  • Unicode SMS support (Arabic, up to 70 characters).
  • Long SMS (English up to 459 characters, Unicode SMS up to 189 characters).
  • Flash SMS support.
  • SMS Scheduling (Sending SMS at a designated time).
  • Drafts box.
  • Re-send SMS facility.
  • SMS Templates.
  • Delivery notification.
  • Real-time reports - SMS, Credits balance, Vouchers, Orders, etc.
  • Easy, Secure, Flexible and Reliable.
  • Free Support from the Technical Support Team.
  • Easy and Immediate integration and deployment.
Wap Push
Using Wap Push You Can Upload (PDF, Jpg, GIF, Doc,… etc) Files , Catalogs For your products or any Service available on fun corner to send them to Your Contacts in SMS.
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Product Catalogue
You can choose Catalog which fits your Logo and Products among a wide range of ready-made catalogs on our site to send to your customers catalog with your new products in SMS.
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Bulk SMS
MUBASHER Bulk SMS - send single or bulk SMS from the Web with internet-based text messaging solution
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Scheduled SMS
You can rely on this service to send automatic SMS in date and time you specified to Congratulate for public and private events or reminder your customers the dates of their premiums.
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