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This site provides three main services:

Bulk SMS


Bulk SMS is a feature that allows you to send a large number of SMS to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people at the same time, you create groups of contacts of up to fifteen thousand contacts per group and reach massive numbers of people at the same time with a cost effective way that insures the delivery of your Messages to your targeted audience, (note that the 15000 contact limit applies only per group and that you can send to any number of groups you want at once, effectively removing the limit of any number of messages that you want to send at a single time)


WAP Push


WAP Push is basically a specially encoded message which includes a link to a WAP address, and we offer the full use of this service through sending WAP push messages containing a link for your content (any type of files) that we also host, so you can send whatever you want to your contacts in a single step, which means that we offer a complete solution that allows you to send any kind of file to your contacts Mobiles without worrying about the MMS limitations.


Products catalog


Here you can create new catalogs through an easy to use wizard that walks you through the steps, just choose whatever template you like and click the create button, click the button and continue to the next step


Scheduled SMS


You can use this feature to send pre-scheduled SMS at the dates and times that you want without having to even log-in to the website at that date, you can choose the exact time and day that you want the messages to be sent in and they will be automatically sent on that date.


Periodic SMS


Somehow similar to the scheduled SMS but allows you to send the SMS regularly every fixed user defined time interval (e.g. for reminding with due payments on the beginning of every month)


SMS Templates


Choose from thousands of existing templates for different SMS covering almost every category and occasion, ease your mind and choose the perfect wording for your messages




We offer a range of custom solutions for integrating our SMS portal with your existing applications and websites, making it possible to maximize the use of our services utilizing your existing IT infrastructure.


Wap Push
Using Wap Push You Can Upload (PDF, Jpg, GIF, Doc,… etc) Files , Catalogs For your products or any Service available on fun corner to send them to Your Contacts in SMS.
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Product Catalogue
You can choose Catalog which fits your Logo and Products among a wide range of ready-made catalogs on our site to send to your customers catalog with your new products in SMS.
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Bulk SMS
MUBASHER Bulk SMS - send single or bulk SMS from the Web with internet-based text messaging solution
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Scheduled SMS
You can rely on this service to send automatic SMS in date and time you specified to Congratulate for public and private events or reminder your customers the dates of their premiums.
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